Pastured Poultry

We are no longer open for business.

You will also find many different birds exploring the pastures freely at Doss Farm.   Cayuga ducks, heritage turkeys and a flock of chickens roam the farm freely helping to control unwanted insects and help us keep our pastures green.

Doss Farm Chickens are raised in small groups in a pasture, once they are old enough to let them outside.  The have a shelter to rest in, or take shade if desired. Otherwise, they are out foraging and pecking in the fresh air and sunshine. In addition to their own foraging, they are fed a GMO, corn, and soy-free Pacific Northwest grown feed. They go for butchering around 12 weeks. Check out the Portland Meat Collective's  article about cooking with Doss Farm chicken here.

We no longer raise chickens for meat at Doss Farm in order to focus on our Mangalitsa Pork program.  Please contact us for referrals to other local pastured chicken farms!