The Doss Farm Story

Thank you to all who were part of our small community.  Our farm is now permanently closed but our story continues for our family as we unlock new adventures.


It all started many years ago when Christie met a few beautiful wooly pigs on a trip to Hungary.  She adored them at the time, but didn't give them much thought.


Years later, living in Portland, Oregon and married to Engineer Josh Doss, the couple were urbanites enjoying their local food scene. They were inspired by the farm-to-table movement and wanted to be a part of it. They began searching for land and determined that the gorgeous wooly Hungarian Mangalitsa were what they wanted to raise. 


With their young family in tow, the Dosses discovered their own little slice of heaven in the Northern Willamette Valley, about an hour West of Portland, Oregon.

 It's on 22 acres in the foothills of the Coastal Range, high above the valley,that  some of the world's tastiest pork is raised.