We are permanently closed:
  • Join the Doss Farm Meat Club, our monthly service provides you with an assortment of pork each month giving you the opportunity to dine "Nose to Tail".  Pickup available in Hillsboro, Forest Grove and Gales Creek.
  • We offer retail cuts such as pork chops, bacon, trotters, pork shank, hams,  fat back, leaf lard, and many more.  Come on up to the farm by appointment to see what we have in stock or send us an inquiry.
  • Whole and half hog shares are available for $X/lb hanging weight, plus butchering fees. This works out to $800 - $1000 for a half hog and $1600 - $2000 for a whole hog.  
  • If  you are interested in raising your own Mangalitsa we offer weaners & gilts.

Pastured Poultry:

  • We are not offering poultry or eggs for sale at this time.  Contact us for referrals to other local farms that offer pastured poultry.

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